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Name : Mrs Nazmun Nahar
Date:  March 27,2011      
Department: Surgery clinic
Surgeon: Dr Pakorn Boonyasite

Diagnosis: Soft Tissue mass on the flank
Surgery: Wide Excision with Mesh Reconstruction

 Surgery: Wide Excision with Mesh Reconstruction

This is the first time we came to this hospital. So I wanted to see the discipline of the organization and I found it satisfactory. The doctors came to the OT on tome and finished the operation within expected time they mentioned before. It seems they have a clear visibility on what they are doing which is most important to a patient. Otherwise patients cannot rely on the doctors.

Secondly I would like to say about the nurses, they looked very skilled, cooperative and they can communicate very well. I am really satisfied with their services and it’s very difficult to compare with other hospitals in terms of cost and services. I would say these are satisfactory.


It is also difficult to compare the quality of doctors to the doctors of other hospital ,as we are doing our treatment 1stime here in Bangkok, personally I find the doctors really very professional and caring, they have the mentality to serve people. We are very satisfied with the behavior of Dr. Pakorn. He gives time to patient and tries to understand the problem of his patient. I would rank him as an excellent doctor. I will refer other people to him with similar problem as like mine.


Finally I would like to say something about Bangla Coordinators Sadia Afroz, Anowar and others. I find them well tuned and dedicated. They have skills to guide people properly. I would like to thank specially Ms Sadia for her assistances. Oh! I forgot to say about the service apartment of the hospital, this is a very good idea. People feel more comfortable here as this is adjacent to the hospital. Their service is also very good, the free internet service of the apartment really helped us a lot to work while we are here and spend leisure time.


Overall the hospital meets our expectations. We are happy with their services. We wish every success of Vejthani hospital !!!


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