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Patient Name: Mr. Md. Abid Hossain Khan

Department: Kidney Center at Vejthani   OPD Med
Physisicans: Dr . Umpaiwan  Rungbanaphan, Akanae Wongsawat and their Team
Diagnosis: Chronic kidney disease (CKD ) with diabetes and hypertension
Procedure: Kidney Transplantation

Mr. Abid is the senior GM of Bashundhara Group . He came to know that he has kidney problem since 2008. His situation was getting worse day by day. He visited India and Singapore for his treatment and at last doctors came to the decision that he needs kidney transplantation. After visiting several hospitals in several countries, Mr. Abid chose to get kidney transplantation done in Vejthani Hospital.

Patient comment: I have been suffering from kidney problem for long time. I went several countries for my treatment and finally I came to know about Vejthani from one of my relatives and decided to visit here for the treatment. I satisfied with the overall service that Vejthani provided me. The first thing that has been attracting me is the Hospital atmosphere. It is really marvelous and nice environment indeed. The environment at Vejthani is hygienic. I went to India, Singapore and Malaysia. If I compare then definitely I have to say that Vejthani is the best.

The doctors are well experienced and update with the modern medical knowledge. And the doctors always listen the patient's problems carefully. I think if doctors don't listen to the patient problems carefully then how they give the proper treatment. And the nurses are too good and I am surprised with their behavior and service quality. In the first day when I came to this hospital and made the appointment and walk around I never feel that I am a foreigner here because the Bangla team at Vejthani hospital are so much helpful and they are helping me on each and every aspect of my treatment. I am satisfied with them and I am pleased with Vejthani. I wish all success of Vejthani Hospital.

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