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Patient Name: Boy Aiyan Wahid
Clinic: Vejthani Super Kid Center and Neuroscience Center
Physicians: Dr Atthaporn Boongird, Maninton Wanarat and team

Patient's Father's comments: I am Mr Wahiduzzaman Tapos, We are from Bangladesh. My son was born with a tumor lower backside of his head called Large occipito-spinal encephalocele associated hindbrain anomaly and hydromyelia . The size of that tumor was too big. Then we went to see Dr at Apollo Hospital at Bangladesh and Dr have done so many lab tests and other examination and finally they told us that this treatment is not possible at Bangladesh. Dr also said that if they try his treatment then there is 95% possibility that he will die at Operation Theater. After that one of our relatives informed us about Vejthani Hospital and we sent our all medical reports by email to Ms Sadia. After reviewing all the reports Dr Athapon from Neuroscience Clinic informed us that the baby needs surgery and there will be 95% chance of success. When our baby's age was 4 month we came to Vejthani and did the surgery. Now he is 1 year old and so far he is fine and his growth is like normal baby. We will be thankful to Vejthani in our whole life. The Bangla team at Vejthani helped us a lot specially Sadia, Rocky, Anower and our dearest brother Hassan Iqbal. We are also informing our friends, colleague, and relatives about Vejthani. We don not have any complain about Vejthani and we are 100% satisfied. We are thankful to Child specialist Dr Maninton and Neurologist Dr Athapon. Sometimes my wife used to call Dr Athapon as a second God. My heartiest thank to Vejthani management. May Allah keep us fit. Please pray for our son.


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