Viện chống lão hóa Vejthani

Viện chống lão hóa Vejthani

The most important and valuable thing in your life is your health, to have the treasure of time and the will to maintain your youth and wellbeing is the fundamental of life at Vejthani Q Life we provide highly experienced Anti-aging and Regenerative Specialist together with advanced scientific and medical technologies to help you detect, prevent and reverse age-related dysfunction and in order to help you get through the process and understanding our services we also provide the skilled staff to advise, recommend the prevention needed to improve and restore your health

Quality selected – Attentive care

Anti-aging Holistic Medicine at Vejthani Q Life is a form of healing that consider the whole person in the quest of optimum health and wellness, treatment program were designed specifically for each individual in all concerned aspects such as, age-related, antioxidant, stress, vitamin and mineral deficiency, gaining proper balance and suitable lifestyle.After evaluating the patient individually our specialize team will use the evidence based diagnostic test to develop personalized pharmaceutical grade nutrients, hormones to meet the patient’s unique needs and necessity to maintain a healthy lifestyle, slow down the aging process, prevent or delay degenerative diseases and finally developing a well balanced life.

Details is the key to Quality of Life

Vejthani Q Life is located on 11th Floor, Building A, Vejthani Hospital. The center is set in the elegant, spacious, peaceful spa-like environment which maintain your privacy and offer ready access facility. To ensure your stress-free therapy.


Vejthani Q Life, Vejthani Hospital, 11th Floor


Phone : (+66)2-734-0000 Ext. 1125, 1126

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