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Ms.Naomi S.G

Update : March 18, 2014

Patient Name : Ms. S. F. G
Surgeon : Dr. Theera Yanyuen
"I would highly recommend Vejthani Hospital and the service of Dr. Theera Yanyuen.
The hospital itself is world class, 5 star, with impeccable service. Upon arrival we were taken to see the doctors and made to feel at ease. The medical team answered all our questions (even if we'd already asked them).
All the risks / possibilities were clearly outlined to me prior to surgery. At no time did I feel pressured to proceed.
Post surgery the nurses were so kind and caring and responded to my requests immediately. I was able to rest sufficiently before I was discharged.
Post operative care has been outstanding, again all my questions have been answered. I am overall happy with my experience, it's been a big change physically, but worth it! "

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