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Mr. Md Monir Hossain

Update : February 10, 2014

Name:  Mr. Md Monir Hossain
Date: December, 2013
Physician: Porn A NAke Tardthong
Diagnosis: Lumber disc herniation L4-L5 and L5-S1 with bilateral nerve roots compression
Treatment: Total Laminectomy, pedicular screw fixation and interbody fusion
Clinic: Vejthani Spine Center
I have been suffering from my spinal problem for long time and looking for the best solution. I visited many hospitals in Thailand like, Bumrungrad, Samitivej and some other hospitals and found best solution in Vejthani Hospital for my disease. Dr Porn-A-Nake carried out my operation successfully and my condition improved drastically. Medical service is very good here. All the nurses always smile and give service with care. Bangladeshi interpreters helped me and took very good care of me. My general feeling about Vejthani Hospital is, if someone can afford, they can just come here and let the hospital take care of everything without any worry. In future I hope to receive continuous helpful support from the hospital.
Md Monir Hossain
Dhaka, Bangladesh

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