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Mr Wahiduzzaman Babu

Update : February 10, 2014

Patient Name: Mr Wahiduzzaman Babu
Date: December 27, 2012
This is our first time to visit Vejthani Hospital. The purpose of our coming was to treat my wife’s leg problem. She has been suffering from Calcaneal spur on ankle. Bangladesh doctor said there is a bone increased on her ankle. She has been treated in several hospitals in Bangladesh, allopathy, homeopathy and all other ways. The doctors of Bangladesh asked her to undergo operation. But we actually didn’t want to go for operation.
Then we came to know about this hospital from Architect Asif. He managed to email all of my wife’s information to Ms Sadia. And arranged an appointment to see Dr.Perachit Eamsobhana. Dr Perachit suggested her for injection in this condition and wait to see the improvement. If injection doesn’t work then she may need to undergo operation. Now she is feeling better. Let’s see what happened in future.
For me I have been suffering for diabetes and hypertension. I have done my whole body check up and treated here for neurology, urology, diabetes, dental and skin problems. I found this hospital excellent. The service we have received here is really outstanding.
But for middle class Bangladeshi people the price seems to be little bit high but it’s worth as we are getting very good treatment and services. Actually this hospital is not very known to Bangladeshi people yet. But I believe after publicity, lots of patients will be coming here.
Oh! Another thing, at first it wasn’t on my plan to treat my daughter but after checkup Dr Maninthon found multi problems of her including lung infection, sinusitis and tonsillitis. Now she is under her treatment. I found the doctor very sincere, kind, knowledgeable and friendly.
And Ms Sadia’s instruction, assistance and guidance are undoubtedly appreciable. We had been in the hospital for 5 days, Rocky, Bayzid assisted us sometimes but Ms Sadia continuously helped us since morning to evening.. I wish her every success in life and I wish every success of Vejthani Hospital. Thank you
Chairman and MD
Zaman Property Development Ltd

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