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Mr C F Zaman

Update : January 10, 2014


Name: Mr C F Zaman
Date:  July 01, 2012
Nationality: Bangladesh
Surgeon: Clinical Professor Dr . Auchai   Kanjanapitak and Dr .   Wiboon   Chaiyamongkol
Procedure:  General Surgery
I never knew about Vejthani hospital before. One of my relative introduced me about this hospital. When I came to this hospital first time then I became surprised and I have found that this is really a nice hospital indeed. According to me it is a five stars hospital. Even it won't be a mistake if I called it seven stars hospital. 
The Bangla team in this hospital is so much caring and helpful. They always assist us and guide us. I have got good experience in this hospital. I believe more patients should come to this hospital for their better treatment. But the charges are little bit higher compare to other hospitals like Missionary or Saint Louis Hospital but it is natural that to have good and quality service we have to spend more. Whatever I spend here it is worth for me. 
My request to other patients please visit this hospital and I will also visit in future as I have got some complication in my body so I need the guideline from the doctors all the time. ! I would like to mention some Bangla team members who help me a lot like Sadia, Rocky, Anower. I won't be able to express in words how much the Bangla team helped me here. In my painful situation they were always beside me. Thank you very much Vejthani Hospital and Bangladeshi Team. Thank you

Choudhury Fakhruz Zaman
Chittagong, Bangladesh

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