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Mr H.M Khorshed Alam

Update : January 10, 2014

Name: Mr H.M Khorshed Alam
Date:  30 July 2012
Nationality: -
Surgeon: Dr.Pakdee Sannikorn
Procedure:  Perforated Eardrum surgery
Clinic: ENT ENT(Ear,Nose,Throat)

Mr Shamim and their parents visit our hospital last month. He got surgery in his eardrum and his mother had spinal surgery in our hospital.

Patient comment: There are many things to say about Vejthani, We never think before that we will be treated by such nice hospital and the environment in the hospital also very good. They gave us the proper treatment and their management also very good. About the treatment and everything we are 100% satisfied. Sadia apu and Anower bhai and specially Bayzid Vi helped us a lot. I think the entire patient from Bangladesh should come to this hospital to have their nice hospitality and best treatment.  Actually as a patient we need the treatments and service as well. If the treatment is good but the service is not good that doesn’t make worth but we have got the good service here. But compare to public hospital the cost is higher but if I compare with Bamrungard Hospital then the cost is reasonable. As we are getting good service here so there is no problem with cost. They have the very well known and experienced doctors so we will be visiting in the future also. Thank you very much Vejthani Hospital.
Mrs. Jillian Greenenger


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