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Daw Mya Win

Update : January 10, 2014

Name: Daw Mya Win
Date:  9/10/2012
Nationality: -
Surgeon: Dr.Atthaporn Boongrid
Procedure:  Spinal Cord tumor Surgery

I came from Mandalay, Myanmar. Since Sep 2011, I had weakness at both legs and hands. Gradually, I can not stand and walk.Five months later, I came to Vejthani Hospital. I saw Dr.Porn A-nake, Spine specialist. After he did physical examination. I was referred to Neuro Science Center at the same day. Dr.Chaiyanuchit, Neurologist suggested MRI spine .MRI shows that my spinal cord has tumor. So Dr.Atthaporn underwent tumor removal surgery. I started physiotherapy while staying in patient room. I got very fast recovery and can do all of my daily activities as normal 1 month later . I would like to say thanks to all doctors, nurses and everyone who took care of my health.

Daw Mya Win


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