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Htan Chein Chi

Update : January 10, 2014

Name: Htan Chein Chi
Date:  13-16 June, 2012
Nationality: Myanmar
Surgeon: Dr. Kiertijai Bhuripanyo
Procedure:  Arrhythmia

      After visiting cardiac centers around the Bangkok city, I finally flew to access medical service at Vejthani Cardiac centre where I underwent a successful catheter ablation procedure to treat my cardiac dysrhythmia problem (also known as irregular heartbeat or arrhythmia). It was performed by Prof. Dr. Kiertijai Bhuripanyo who is my cardiologist, and further sub-specializes into electrophysiology.
      It was sometimes in June 2012. I began to seek medical attention out for I was suffering from frightening symptoms such as notably irregular heart beat, palpitation and slight chest pain. Thus, I came to Bangkok for advanced medical management. Then, you might wonder why it has become Vejthani. It is simple! Because of better service, and affordable state for the same treatment, Vejthani has become my choice. Not just that, the treatment and service at Vejthani are detective, accurate, and very effective. During the procedure, I was informed for every step by Dr. Kiertijai as Myanmar translator always accompanies me even in the cardiac lab. I have no obstacles at all during my visit.
      I am doing remarkably well following the treatment including ectrophysiological intervention and medications. For which, I express my gratitude to Dr. Kiertijai and Vejthani cardiac nurses who help in enhancing my life. Yet, my special thanks go to Myanmar coordinating team who assist me for interpreting, transportation and closed care. With my experience, I am convinced that Vejthani cardiac center would be most promising center for your heart problem.
Thank you!
Htan Chein Chi


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