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Mrs. Jillian Greenenger

Update : January 10, 2014

Name: Mrs. Jillian Greenenger
Date:  July 01, 2012
Nationality: -
Surgeon: Dr. Prasert Punprunthad
Procedure:  Rhinoplasty

      I highly recommend choosing Vejthani hospital for your cosmetic procedure. I went through an agency to book my rhinoplasty but there really was no need as hospital is quite experienced with international patients. From the moment you arrive at Vejthani you are looked after the girls at the International patients counter speak perfect English and stay by your side through your whole stay. All transfers to and from the hospital are taken care of. The transport vehicles are very comfortable and better than cabs or limo service. The hospital is first class. My hospital room was better than what we have home in Australia. All rooms are private rooms with a private balcony, flat screen, TV, own ensuite, modern furniture, mini kitchenette with fridge and microwave. There’s also an international guests lounge much like an airline lounge that you can relax in and help yourself to food and snacks. The nurses are so lovely, they are nicer than the nurses at home, they checked in on me every hour. They don’t speak very clear English but I could still understand everything. The only thing  that could be more helpful would be if the information book on the coffee table in the room was in English. My surgeon was fantastic. Dr. Prasert Punprumthad was called in at short notice as my case was deemed harder than first expected. My doctor was lovely and was very thorough at making sure I knew what procedure involved. My procedure was complicated but my doctor was just brilliant. I’m very happy with the results of my surgery as well as my experience here at Vejthani.
Mrs. Jillian Greenenger


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