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Ei Ei Phyu

Update : January 10, 2014

Name: Ei Ei Phyu
Date: June 12, 2012
Nationality:  Myanmar
Surgeon: Dr. Sorayut  Ounmuang
Procedure:  Surgical Removal (2 TEETH)

        When we came to the Dental Clinic of Vejthani Hospital the first time for a simple examination, we could appreciate all qualities of the people working here (serious, professional, clean, modern and so on.)
        That’s why we decided to come again for surgical removal of 2 teeth on 7th of June 2012.I experienced not too much pain and the result is same as we expected, so I would like to thank you all the Dental clinic team.
        We appreciate also all services available for customer (shuttle,etc)  and especially  the translators ( in this case, Burmese..)
Ei Ei Phyu


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