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Mr.Win Tin

Update : January 10, 2014

Name: Mr.Win Tin
Date: November 29, 2011
Nationality: Myanmar
Surgeon: Dr.Punkiat Topipat
Procedure:  -

Good News about Vejthani Hospital
Question : How are you? How’s your health? Heard that you’ve been to Bangkok for the treatment
Answer :     Yes, you are right. I went to put the stents because of the two arteries blockage in my heart.
Question : Your face is not like before, looks fresh with pinkish color. Looks like everything went well in Bangkok.
Answer :     you can say that I am much healthier and satisfied also
Question : You are praising too much. By the way, which hospital did you went for treatment?
Answer :     Have you heard about that, it is Vejthani Hospital
Question : Aw- I know. It is the one, which open the Representative office in Yangon only 8 months ago.
Answer :     Although the hospital open the Representative office in Myanmar late, Vejthani hospital is already in 17 years of service in Bangkok.
Question : So from how many countries is coming for treatment at Vejthani Hospital?
Answer :     Not only from ASIA countries, but also the countries from Middle East are coming for treatment at Vejthani
Question : From what you said I can guess the good news about Vejthani.  You said you have put the stents, have you done through the artery in the groin as usual?
Answer :     not at all. This is the latest technology. The stent was put through the arteries from the right arm
Question : You might have suffer a lot because of this major operation?
Answer :     No, I didn’t feel anything. Very comfortable
Question : Really? How long did it take? And how long did you stay at the hospital?
Answer :     The procedure only took about two hours and only have to stay at the hospital for one night.
Question : So, you have to go back home by wheel-chair?
Answer :     No wheel-chair was needed. I went visit to Emerald Buddha and shopping while I was waiting for the doctor’s follow-up appointment.
Question : So you are like hitting two birds with one stone, doing health tourism.
Answer :     That’s right. My wife also did health check-up.
Question : That’s very convenient. So is it easy to communicate with the doctors there?
Answer :    No problem. The hospital has skillful Myanmar Staffs. They help us in everything.
Question : What did the Representative Office do for you here?
Answer :    The Representative office contact to the hospital on behalf of the patient and they also provide the services for the Passport application, Visa, transportation and accommodation. They also provide the necessary services after treatment.
Question : That’s great. Can other diseases be treated at Vejthani Hospital?
Answer :    Of course. Vejthani Hospital is a general hospital. In Thailand, Vejthani is the top no. 1 hospital for total joint replacement.
Question : Very glad to hear that you are fine now. I will tell other friends about this Good News about Vejthani Hospital


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