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Jude de Angulo

Update : January 10, 2014

Name: Jude de Angulo
Date: June 28, 2011
Nationality: New Zealand
Surgeon: Dr.Theera
Procedure:  Forehead+midface lift,U & L Blepharoplasty+Rhinoplasty

           To say I was extremely impressed with Vejthani Hospital, its nurses and administration and in particular the skill of Dr.Theera, would be the year’s greatest understatement.
           Being a massage therapist for more than 25 years I observed that Dr.Theera had the hands of a person of precision and dexterity, were he not just a great surgeon I’m sure he could also be an accomplished concert pianist, a brainy surgeon, or a rocket- scientist. My surgery was very long, as I had elected multiple. It takes quite some time to recover from general anesthesia, but even so the post-operative care I received made sure I got through this critical phase in the least amount of discomfort and disorientation .The rooms provided to the patients and their   carers are more like executive suites than a hospital room. I was ready to leave the hospital at the estimated by the doctor and nurses. The hospital put me into an A/C mini-van and sent me to my hotel. In less than a week I was back at Vejthani Hospital to have the stitches removed and for Dr.Theera to inspect the healing process, take the “after photos” and provide more advice on cleanliness and healing for the weeks ahead. Now at 2 weeks post-post surgery I am feeling very well. You will find it easy to understand  Dr.Theera, although he has a strong Thai accent to his English, as his information is clear and precise ,and is willing to repeat what he has advised if you cannot understand .Most of nurses also have clearly understandable  English .I never had a problem being understood either . The quality and volume of food was excellent. Although it is normal in the first 48 hours after surgery not to be hungry still it is important to try and eat and drink as much as you can. Be sure to take all your meds. I will definitely be recommending Dr.Theera and Vejthani   Hospital to my friends and Family.
           I will be sure to be back again when the need or desire arises. If you are considering any type of surgery Bangkok you will make a good choice with Vejthani  Hospital .There are many more more expensive hospitals in Bangkok .But you can save money and still receive excellent attention  at Vejthani  Hospital. Don’t be fooled by more expensive options. Have no fear that   VEJTHANI HOSPITAL is of the highest quality.
           Like me, I’m sure you will also be TOTALLY AMAZED!
Mr. Jude de Angulo


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