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Mr.Zewdu Samuel

Update : January 10, 2014

Name: Mr.Zewdu Samuel
Date: July 31, 2011
Nationality: ETHIOPIA
Surgeon: Prof. Yunyong Thongchareon (Neurologist)  , Dr. Atthaporn Boongird (Neuro-surgeon)
Procedure:  Spinal Steroid Injection

          To start with, I found this hospital between Earth and God, and not on Earth!  I lived in USA for 26 years before I moved to Ethiopia and know the hospitals in Washington, Maryland and VA; I compare you 99% to 1% to them.
          When my back pain started, I visited the so-called best Neuro-doctors in Ethiopia, 3 of them, but I lost hope for 2 months.  Then I called your hospital and talked to Masha, Flower and then Sosina, and they treated me well over the phone.  I took a plane and arrived on 28 July 2011.  I had the appointment and was checked by Dr. Yunyong and Dr. Atthaporn and both said that my case is as simple as ABC.  No operation was required but rather, just an injection on the back (spinal area).  Dr. Atthaporn was so confident and charming and my pain on the back was gone for good.
          I thank all those that I mentioned, especially Dr. Atthaporn, Sosina and all the hospital staff and nurses who treat every patient regardless of his/her age as a child.  Again, I am alive!
Thanks to all of you!


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