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Daw Nyunt Nyunt Htwe

Update : January 10, 2014

Name: Daw Nyunt Nyunt Htwe
Date: July 22, 2011
Nationality: Myanmar
Surgeon: Dr. Paiboon Chaicharncheep
Procedure:  Total Knee Arthroplasty with Mini Invasive Surgery (MIS) and Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS)
Surgery Done: July 12, 2011

        I had suffering for both knee pains last 20 years ago. Four years ago, I can’t walk and sit on the floor. My left knee is worse than right knee.
        At that time, I heard good news from my friend that “VEJTHANI” hospital is very good for total knee change. Then, I contacted to VEJTHANI hospital and take the appointment to see Dr. Paiboon. On 7th May 2009, my left knee was operated by changing total knee change by Dr. Paiboon. After operation, my left knee is good result for me. Then, I walk normally but the length of two legs are not equal, so I suffer back pain. Dr. Paiboon told me for pain to operate another right knee.
        So last 12.7.2011, I operate right knee again at “VEJTHANI” hospital by Dr. Paiboon. 10 ten days after operation, I can walk without pain now. All the staffs including Myanmar translator group, staffs for exercise room, are excellent for patient.
        I recommend to same my total knee change disease is 100% confident to operate at “VEJTHANI” hospital.
Thank you for your everything.
Daw Nyunt Nyunt Htwe


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