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Mrs. Rabeya Khanam

Update : June 09, 2014

Name :  Mrs. Rabeya Khanam
Date : 31 May, 2014
Diagnosis : Pathological fracture of L2 with underlying TB spine
Treatment : Fixation T12-L1 and L3-L4 fixation, kyphotic correction and posterolateral Fusion by HA bone and Grafton
I have been suffering from back pain for around 4 months. I was confused where I would go for proper and accurate treatment. Thanks to Dr. Munna of PG Hospital of Bangladesh.

He gave the address of Vejthani Hospital and their information. After coming here, I am very much satisfied with the treatment, hospitality and other services. Specially the Bangladeshi International Marketing Team. They have welcome me from the airport, gave me courage for the spine operation. They helped me in every step.
From 1st day to last day, I didn't feel any loneliness here. For their gentle behavior, I have felt that I was in my own country. The team is very sincere in their work. May Allah bless them in every step in their life.
And last not the least, the surgeon Dr. Porn-A-Nake is very experienced and well behaved. He explained and answered all my questions in detail and he performed my Spine surgery very successfully. I have felt very good after taking his medication and by his acute medication and operation I am cured, by the mercy of Allah. May Allah bless him.
With best wishes 
Mrs. Rabeya Khanam
Dhaka, Bangladesh

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