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Mr. Ye Myint Tun

Update : May 19, 2014

Patient Testimonial
Name : Mr. Ye Myint Tun     Date : 30/3/2014
Treatment : Spine Surgery

Surgeon : Dr. Porn-A-Nake Tardthong
This is my testimonial to Vejthani Spine Center
For me,  Vejthani Hospital is one stop and complete health care service.  
All the persons from Vejthani Hospital gave me full of satisfaction. 
Special thanks to my savior, Dr. Porn A Nake, Spine Surgeon. He explained and answered all my questions in detail and he performed my Spine surgery very successfully.
Moreover, I would like to express my regards and thanks to Myanmar staffs and all the hospital staffs for their help and the care I received during my stay in Vejthani Hospital.
Wishing Vejthani Hospital to be Prosperous and Last forever.

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