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Mr. Aung Aung San

Update : May 19, 2014

Patient Testimonial
Name : Mr. Aung Aung San Date: 6/4/2014
Treatment : Kidney Transplant
This is my testimonial to Vejthani Nephrology Center.
I am Mr. Aung Aung San. I was suffering from Kidney Disease and came to Vejthani Hospital for Kidney Transplant. On 16 November 2013, my Kidney Transplant operation was successfully done.
It was Dr. Umpaiwan Rungbanaphan, who took care of my pre operation procedures and took responsibility of post operation health care also. Because of Dr. Umapiwan’s special care and all the Vejthani Hospital’s staff’s warm and kind attentions, I got back my health very quickly. And also the best and complete service and special care by all Myanmar Staffs at Vejthani Hospital, my treatment went well without any difficulties.
Thank you all very much to Dr. Umapiwan for her special care and treatment, and Special thanks to all Vejthani Hospital Staffs and also Vejthani Myanmar Team.
Mr. Aung Aung San

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