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Vejthani doctor’s take away my pain in my life

Update : January 11, 2014

Name: Boy Zaid H Z A Alhusaini
Date: August 18, 2012
Nationality: Kuwait
Surgeon: Dr.Methee Khongphaophong
Procedure: Excision +

Last 2012, we had a Kuwait kid who suffered from ganglion cyst (non cancerous fluid-filled lumps) on his right toe and wanted to remove it. His father took him to the hospital in Kuwait and they did MRI and biopsy for him and the result was “giant cell tumor of tendon sheath”. They are worried about his situation so they start looking for the best hospital to treat this pain both domestic and international hospitals. Eventually they found Foot & Ankle Clinic at Vejthani Hospital. When they get here, Dr.Methee Khongphaophong (Orthopaedic Surgeon – Foot and Ankle) diagnosed the case and decided to do a surgery. Two weeks after surgery the ganglion cyst was removed from his toe and his pain finally healed.