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We provide full stream of accurate diagnosis, along with varieties of treatment for the disorders from the fully equipped facilities at Pediatric Surgery Clinic And Medical Center.

At Vejthani hosipital, we are one of the top standard hospitals in treating and diagnosing the diseases occur in children. With our specialized facilities, we offers advanced technology used in medical and surgical services to our patients, as well as, the modern medical integration for the complete diagnoses and treatment of the disorders in children, including patient examination rooms, Tthe Breast Feeding room, treatment Room, education Room , and play Area. At our Pediatric Surgery Clinic And Medical Center, we are the expertise of serving medical and surgical services to our patients, as well as, educating parents and caregivers to acknowledge the life-threatening disorders of their child.
Our expertise team of physicians and pediatric surgeons welcome the parents for the full services for any child’s disorder at Pediatric Surgery Clinic And Medical Center.
At Pediatric Surgery Clinic And Medical Center, Vejthani Hospital, our hospital staffs and physicians are filled with integrity and passion in carefully serving the disorders of your child. We are assuring with our qualified services delivering for your child’s best interest. Our pediatricians and pediatrics specialists are specialized in general pediatrics , pediatric neonatology, pediatric gastroenterology, pediatric nephrology pediatric cardiology, pediatric pulmonology, pediatric allergy, pediatric neurology, pediatric psychiatry, pediatric surgery, child development pediatricians. Our pediatricians are fully equipped with medical and surgical tools to perform accurate and effective services for our patients’ disorders. 

At Vejthani hospital, as for our modern and hygienic facilities, and our full stream services on treating, diagnosing and preventing the disorders of your child, we deliver services for the maximum impact of your child’s health care. Our physicians and pediatricians serves excellent and accurate services including, General Pediatrics clinic (Treatment of pediatrics general diseases, and vaccination), Pediatrics Specialists clinic ( offers medical services for specific pediatric disorders), Pediatrics Allergy clinic (diagnosis and treatment of pediatrics allergy), Children Development Clinic (Examination and analysis of children development , Consultation on children developmental disorder), Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic ( Child and Adolescence psychiatric diseases treatment and diagnoses), and Pediatrics Surgery Clinic ( surgical treatments on pediatrics diroders). Visit us, and get ready to experience a warm and friendly atmosphere for you and a joyful time for your child.

Pediatric Orthopedic - Vejthani Hospital Pediatric Orthopedic Clinic

      Vejthani Hospital Pediatric Orthopedic Clinic caters specifically to musculoskeletal problems in children including scoliosis, trauma, birth defects, developmental dysplasia, clubfoot, neurologic dysfunction etc.We combine research and clinical expertise to provide the highest quality, most innovative care in a family-centered way and to meet the special needs of children, adolescents, and their families.
Vejthani Hospital Pediatric Orthopedic Clinic Provides clinical care to infants' children and adolescents, from birth to college age, for the entire spectrum of musculoskeletal problems.
At Vejtha ni Hospital Pediatric Orthopedic Clinic we provide a team approach that is comprehensive, compassionate and personalized. Physicians, nurses, occupational and physical therapists and technicians work together to formulate the best treatment program for each child. An attending orthopedic surgeon heads each child's team, and, with input from the family and referring health care provider, develops and manages an individualized plan of care.
Visit Vejtha ni Hospital Pediatric Orthopedic Clinic and get a further information and advice from our expert physician. Our high standard procedures will surely meet your expectations and satisfaction. So keep your eyes on this site and use our “Make an Appointment” online page and select the doctor of your own choice. If you want more information about any procedures, payment methods and any concerns, please use our “Talk to Doctor” online page, then we will forward your request to an appropriate Vejthani Orthopedic pediatric specialist and you will receive an advice within a few days.


  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Spine Disorders / Scoliosis
  • Limb Deformity / Length Discrepancies
  • Foot and ankle disorders
  • Hand Disorders
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Skeletal Dysplasia
  • Fracture and Trauma care


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  • Orthotics (Individualized Treatment)
  • Illizarov
  • MRI
  • CT Scan

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