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One Stop Service
      One stop service is a kind of modern, comprehensive healthcare services and facilities received in one place. The service users will have the full access to a wide range of health examinations in an environment which provides accurate result, fast service, convenience, comfort and modern facilities including internet and relaxing atmosphere of spa. Furthermore, our expert physicians and all other concerned staffs are ready to offer you best possible services in a warm and friendly milieu.

      Our Executive Healthcare Center personnel will assist you in choosing the right health check-up program that meets your personal needs, by using sophisticated computer system.
  • You will receive your test results on the same day before leaving the Center.
  • You can enjoy and relax by having a foot massage or you might like to have a cup of fresh coffee together with light snacks.
  • You can even browse the net while waiting for the result.
  • Experience our warm and relaxing atmosphere while coming for health check-up at the Vejthani Executive Healthcare Center.
  • Get your individual health check-up done in a warm, healthy, relaxing and tranquil atmosphere that is exclusively designed for you.



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