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The Pediatrics Department at Vejthani Hospital provides a complete range of service for child's health. 

The Pediatricians and Pediatric sub-specialists are fully prepared to meet the preventive, diagnostic and treatment needs of children.


General Pediatrics clinic

  • Treatment of Pediatrics general diseases
  • Vaccination

Pediatrics Specialists clinic

Provide medical treatment of specific pediatric diseases, e.g. heart disease, endocrine diseases, nephrological diseases,pulmonological disease, hema tological disease,gastroenterological disease etc.

Pediatrics Allergy Clinic

Treatment of allergic rhinitis, asthma, make a skin test to detect allergic stimulant in each child, e.g. dust mite.

Children Development Clinic

  •  Examination and evaluation of children development
  •  Consultation on children developmental disorder
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic Diagnosis and Treatment of child and adolescent psychiatric diseases, autism, child behavior problem

Pediatrics Surgery Clinic

  •  Surgical treatment of pediatrics general disease
  •  Circumcision and surgical treatment of boy’s genital abnormality


List Doctors


  • Outpatient examination rooms 
  • The Breast Feeding room 
  • Treatment Room 
  • Education Room 
  • Play Area

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