Your Visit Getting Started in EASY STEPS
Patient Guide

Preparation before Visiting

1. Preparing you for a check- up:
Do not eat anything after midnight (12:00am).or 6-8hours before the general check up.

Arrive early on the day.

Our Executive Healthcare Center is located at the 11th floor building. Once you are here already at the hospital, you can go either to “Customer Service Counter" located at the ground floor or you can go up directly to the check-up center and fill out the "patient registration form" ,your check up will be done right after .

2. Before any surgery (such as, plastic surgery, dental, orthopedics surgery, abdominal surgery etc.) or any treatment.
Once you arrive at the hospital, please proceed to our "Customer Service Counter" and fill out the "Patient Registration Form" in order for you to get your appointment slip and hospital number then please proceeds to the clinic to see the doctor.

You should inform the doctor all medications you are taking, drug allergy, underlying diseases (such as diabetes, hypertension etc.) if you have any, and if possible, bring your previous medical documents (x-ray film, laboratory investigation reports etc.) on the day of your consultation.

3. Bring your passport and insurance membership card with you. (if you have any).

4. You can pay either by cash (Thai Baht or US Dollar) or by any major credit cards (e.g. Visa, Master, Amex etc.).

5. Once you get here and you need assistance, you can contact someone from International Marketing Department.