How to Evaluate Your Overseas Healthcare Provider

How to choose the best Overseas Healthcare Provider for your Individual needs.

When you have a life-threatening emergency, please always go to the nearest hospital. However, if you’re planning to have elective surgery, or if you have a certain condition like back pain and you may need hospital care in the near future. It’s important to remember that all hospitals vary in quality and have different strengths. Some hospitals do a better job taking care of patients with certain conditions than other hospitals.

Below are questions which may help you to choose the best hospital for your individual needs.

Is the hospital accredited by a reliable third-party organization without any conflict of interest?

The most important aspect of public health services is the quality and safety of patients. Vejthani Hospital pays attention to quality and safety for the first priority. In addition to being regularly monitored by the hospital’s internal quality audit team, Vejthani Hospital is also certified by the Joint Commission International (JCI), the world-class quality assurance. Their checklist includes over 350 standards and over 1200 measurable elements, starting from International Patient Safety Goal, Access to Care and Continuity of Care, Anesthesia and Surgical Care, Medication Management and Patient and Family Right. JCI sends a team to survey for hospital re-accreditation at 3-year intervals. Vejthani was first accredited in 2010 and re-accredited in 2013 and 2016.

Thailand also has its own Quality Assurance conducted by the Institute of Hospital Quality Improvement & Accreditation (Hospital Accreditation ; HA). Vejthani Hospital has achieved Thailand Hospital Accreditation (HA) since 2007.

Even the food , Vejthani Hospitals focus on providing hygienic food to patients and their family. Vejthani Hospital has achieved Good Manufacturing Practice Standards (GMP) Codex Alimentarius Commission, Recommended International Code of Practice General Principles of Food Hygiene, Processing of foods for Patient since 2012 and reaccredited in 2015.

Our top-tier service has been honed by the prestigious Thailand Prime Minister Award twice – in 2011 and recently in 2017.

Based on your condition, which hospitals have the best experience with your condition?

Vejthani Hospital provides and extends a comprehensive range of fabulous services, consultation with overseas trained doctors and specialist from different fields. Even, JCI will check the overall quality for hospital standard accreditation, JCI also has specific disease or condition certification by focusing on the international standard of care on specific disease or condition (Clinical Care Program Certification).
Clinical Care Program Certification which Vejthani Hospital is certified by JCI as follows.

– Lumbar Spine Decompression and Fixation Surgery Program, which certified since July 2017. This is the only one hospital in Southeast Asia to receive this certification by JCI-CCPC program. This program focuses on high quality surgical process in Lumbar Spine Surgery.
– Hepatitis B Program, which certified since July 2017. Vejthani is the only one hospital around the world to receive this certification by JCI-CCPC program. This program focuses on high quality and standard of care for chronic Hepatitis B infection.
– Knee Replacement Program, which certified since March 2013. This program focuses on high quality process in Total Knee Replacement Surgery.
– Diabetes Type II Program, which certified since March 2013. This program focuses on high quality and standard of care for Diabetes Type II.
– Heart Failure Program, which certified since March 2013. This program focuses on high quality and standard of care for a patient with heart failure.

How are the hospital’s doctors licensed and credentialed?

All Vejthani physicians are fully licensed by the Thai Medical Council to practice their specialty in Thailand. In addition, many are Board Certified in their specialty in the abroad. Vejthani‘s credentialing process requires a formal review of each doctor’s qualifications and reviews every year. A summary of each of our physician’s qualifications is available on our website. (

How much experience does the hospital have in treating international patients?

Vejthani Hospital is a JCI accredited private tertiary care hospital, established in 1994. We are a leading international hospital that caters to the holistic healthcare needs of both Thais and multi-nationals. Serving over 300,000 international patients from over 100 countries annually with 500 inpatient beds and over 300 UK/US Board certified specialists across multiple specialties like Total Joint Replacement Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Orthopedics and Infertility Treatment.

What facilities does the hospital have in place specifically for international patients?

Vejthani serves multiple facilities in place specifically for international patients include:

– Air Ambulance Service
– Medical Evacuation and Repatriation
– Vejthani Airport Booth at Suvarnabhumi Airport near Gate 10 Exit C
– Multilingual Team of Coordinators.
– Email and Hotline Correspondence
– International Insurance Coordinators.
– Vejthani Service Apartment (111 Residence)
– Airport Transportation
– Visa Extension Assistance
– Embassy Liaisons
– International and Arabic Restaurant
– International Medical Coordinating team
– International Patient Care team
– Arabic Customer Service

How are a patient’s rights to competent medical treatment protected?

All patients in Thailand are protected by Thai law, codes of medical conduct, and a Patient Bill of Rights enforced by the Thai Medical Council. Before any treatment will be started, a patient consent is supposed to be completed. Risk, benefit and alternative treatment will be discussed before having a patient consent. However, patients and their families can complain directly to the Thai Medical Council, or the Ministry of Public Health or directly to JCI if issue of patent right and consent is concerned.
When considering any overseas treatment, it is important to understand that any legal disputes (either medical care or commercial) concerning your care will be decided in the country of treatment, not your country of origin or citizenship.

What measures does the hospital take to ensure patient safety?

Vejthani achieved over 1200 measurable element of 350 standards by JCI accreditation to make sure all patients are safe. We monitored multiple key performance index in all aspect of quality and safety.
We have Quality and Patient Safety Program focus on patient care process which continuous monitoring by Quality and Patient Safety Committee monthly.

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