Departure / Follow-up



For some patients, physicians are of the opinion that it is necessary to assess the readiness of the body before travelling to the country. We will provide Fit-To-Fly service done by specialized physicians.This ensures that you are safe throughout the flight.

We have an airport pick up service. Ticketing service is available in case you need it.

All we do is to provide you with the best service, good experience and safety in every step.

Follow up

If a follow-up at the hospital is needed, we will make an appointment for a control visit at the outpatient clinic. In case discharged, we will give the patient instructions to make the appointment for the follow-up at outpatient clinic

or for the physician who referred to hospital treatment.

For removal of sutures, nurse will make appointment as the physician direct.

Give us your feedback

The staff would like you to provide feedback on your treatment experience in the wards and outpatient clinics using the sources you have been given, such as QR code, customer survey form or direct to staffs. If you have a complaint about the treatment, care or something else, you can find the instructions in section feedback or direct to them.

In case of return to the country, we are following up symptoms at home via phone, email or other means is skype.But for referred out cases, we will contact the hospital directly.

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