surgery in thailand

Surgery in thailand

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Vejthani Hospital has its special department to take care foreign patients which readily operates services including translators, vehicles picking up and sending patients, liaison of international health insurances etc.

Vejthani Hospital has been guaranteed from ‘Global Healthcare Accreditation for Medical Travel Services’. It is the 5th hospital in the world that has been guaranteed this qualification which can assure that the hospital provides high quality of services to all patients from around the world who travel to receive medical cares of Vejthani Hospital. Thailand is also being supported to be genuine Medical Hub.

Vejthani Hospital has its purposes to proceed the project to offer fully-operating medical services excellently under the medical cares from professional physicians, medical experts in each field, professional nurses and skilful workers who have been trained nursing skills continuously. They are ready to provide medical services 24 hours with sufficient and efficient medical equipment together with high technological tools.

Vejthani Hospital has medical experts who expertise in “surgery in thailand” and are ready for providing medical services and medical recommendations about “surgery in thailand”.

The hospital has 300,000 patients from 100 countries yearly. It has admitted patients’ beds more than 200 beds. The hospital has its translators ready to translate with 20 languages in order to ensure that there will not be miscommunications during medical treatments of patients.

Vejthani Hospital is guaranteed in highest medical care level from CCPC of Joint Commission International (JCI), USA which confirms its highest safety of top hospitals of safest medical treatments provided.

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