Endoscopic thyroidectomy in Thailand

Endoscopic thyroidectomy in Thailand

Vejthani Hospital is recognized as the hospital where perform most effective Endoscopic Thyroidectomy Surgery in Thailand. An endoscopy is a procedure in which doctor uses specialized instruments to view problems within your body without making large incisions by using an endoscope; a flexible tube with an attached camera that allows surgeon to see. A surgeon inserts an endoscope through a small cut, or an opening in the body such as the mouth. Your doctor can use forceps (tongs) and scissors on the endoscope to operate or remove tissue to fix any abnormalities.

Types of Endoscopy
Endoscopies fall into categories, based on the area of the body that doctor investigate as followings:

  • Arthroscopy is used to examine your joints.
  • Bronchoscopy is used to examine your lungs.
  • Colonoscopy is used to examine your colon.
  • Cystoscopy is used to examine your bladder.
  • Enteroscopy is used to examine your small intestine.
  • Hysteroscopy is used for examining the inside of your uterus.
  • Laparoscopy is used to examine your abdominal or pelvic area.
  • Laryngoscopy is used to examine your voice box, or larynx.
  • Mediastinoscopy is used to examine the area between the lungs called the mediastinum.
  • Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy is used to examine your esophagus and upper intestinal tract.
  • Ureterosocpy is used to examine your ureter.
  • The goals of minimally invasive surgery are the same as those of traditional open surgery but with many potential added benefits:
  • Smaller incision
  • Less blood loss
  • Minimize Scarring
  • Reduced Risk ok Infection
  • Quicker recovery time
  • Shorten Hospital Stay

Receiving endoscopic thyroidectomy surgery in Thailand, patients may have less length of stay in the hospital. The exact length of time varies with each patient and individual procedure. To help with recovery, the surgeon may recommend specific post-operative instructions following each surgery.

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