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6 Types of Body Fat
Talking about “fat”, many people might think of the fat in the abdomen or belly fat. In fact, excessive fat doesn’t occur only in the abdomen but in different locations of the body.
How Many Calories Should You Consume in A Day?
Many people usually say that “I did not eat that much, but why do I gain more weight”
Liver Care for a “Partyholic”
People who love partying don’t want to miss it on Friday nights. Whenever there is a party, alcoholic drinks and buffet food are indispensable. Thus, this might affect the liver.
Colorectal Cancer Treatment Bangkok
Learn about the 4 important areas of colorectal cancer’s journey: signs and symptoms; risks factors; early prevention; and treatment options.
Get a Blood Test or Colonoscopy in Thailand
It is predictable that if there is no policy enforcement on colon cancer screening, the number of a cancer patient will be doubled in 10 years and the mentioned disease will cause more than 3,000 deaths per year.
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