Time is of the Essence: Early Treatment Increases Chance of Permanent Cure for Kidney Cancer
Although currently, there are no known causes of “kidney cancer,” certain risk factors are found to be the reasons behind the disease. These include certain genetic diseases, heavy smoking, hypertension, obesity, or working in an environment with constant chemical exposure.

Combination of CRS and HIPEC offers Effective Treatment and Higher Chance of Survival for patients with Peritoneal Metastases
“Metastatic cancer” is an illness that no one would wish to experience, nor would they want their loved ones to go through it. Patients may feel hopeless and assume there is no cure for the disease. However, a treatment option is available in the form of an advanced technology known as HIPEC, combined with CRS. This treatment method has shown to effectively treat peritoneal metastases, or cancer that has spread to the abdominal cavity, and improve the chances of survival.

Colorectal Cancer: Early Detection leads to Prompt Treatment
Colorectal cancer is the 4th most commonly found cancer among all types of cancer. However, its fatality rate has significantly decreased in the latest years

Genetic Cancer Screening for Risk Assessment, Prevention and Precise Treatment
Genes play role in the development of many types of cancer. Currently genetic testing is done to assess the risk of cancer and it helps planning a lifestyle. Genetic testing is also used in cancer patients to construct a precise treatment guideline so the normal cells are not affected by the treatment.

Easy Pump – an innovative way to deliver chemotherapy drugs wherever you are  
When delivering chemotherapy drugs to patients with gastrointestinal cancer such as, colon cancer, stomach cancer or pancreatic cancer, patients are required to stay at the hospital for at least 3 days and 2 nights because 1 session of chemotherapy takes continuously 48 hours to deliver. Generally, patients with stage 3 or metastatic gastrointestinal cancers need […]

Prostate Cancer
The prostate is a gland residing between the bladder and penis. It lies in front of the rectum, and the urethra runs through it

Blood in the Stool, a Sign of Colorectal Cancer
A lot of people might misunderstand that blood in the stool is only a sign of hemorrhoid so they ignore it, but the truth is, blood in the stool

Avoid Risky Behaviors to Keep Yourself Away from Colon Cancer
Daily practices, especially bad eating habits such as consuming fast foods; high fat, low fiber foods, alcoholic beverages or smoking regularly are common