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Generally, treating cancer with medications requires a waiting period to see how the patient responds to the given drugs. If the response is not as expected, the type of drugs may need to be changed.
Doctor Warns PM 2.5 and Incense Smoke May be the Cause of Lung Cancer that you are Unaware of
“Lung cancer” is one of the most prevalent cancer types that has killed many Thais, as in general, symptoms do not tend to appear in the initial stage of lung cancer.
Cancer Vaccine: Bringing New Hope for 4th-Stage Lung Cancer Patients
Lung cancer is caused by an abnormal and uncontrolled multiplication of cells in the lungs. The cells keep multiplying continuously until they form a tumor
Cancer Vaccine Bringing Hopes to Stage-4 Cancer Patients
Normally our body has white blood cells that are part of the immune system that destroy foreign cells, such as diseased cells, bacterial cells and viral cells.
Cancer Vaccines, a new option for cancer treatment
Cancer diseases have the highest fatality rate among Thais. The number of cancer patients is increasing each year with a 90% cause of the disease arising from external factors and lifestyles that raise the risk of cancer.
Find and Treat the Root Cause of Cancer from Precision Cancer Medicine
Data from the National Cancer Institute have found that there were 139,206 new cancer patients in 2021 and 84,073 ones of which died. The top five cancer types that are the most prevalent among Thai people are liver and bile duct cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and colon and rectal cancer as well as cervical cancer. Cancer treatment has been vastly developed in the present days in terms of both screening technologies and chemotherapy that are designed to reduce the chance of side effects and personalized treatment plan for each patient.
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