Get Rid of Textured Skin with Acne Scar Treatment @Vejthani Hospital
This treatment method is a non-surgical treatment for acne scars. The dermatologist will consider using the Fotona Laser on the acne scars

How to Take Care of Acne Prone Skin during the Virus Outbreak
Acne The most important thing that we should do during the COVID-19 outbreak is to protect ourselves from any risk factors, especially wearing mask to protect the viruses that are being transmitted through droplets.

PM 2.5 Dust , our skin’s dangerous enemy
Besides the effects on the respiratory system, PM 2.5 dust also affects our beautiful skin because of its size and it is able to absorb to the skin

The diseases that people who love hiking might face in nature
One of the most popular travel destinations for long holidays in nature, such as forest, mountain, cave, and the waterfall. However, there are hiding diseases that you might face in beautiful nature. Moreover, some kind of diseases might cause death.