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Eye Center

The Eye Center at Vejthani Hospital provides full range of eye medical treatment by expert opthalmologist, applying advanced and modern medical equipment for effective and accurate diagnosis and treatment.

  • Color Blindness Examination 
  • Eye Examination of Adult and Children 
  • Eyesight and Cornea Curve Examination 
  • Eye Nerve Examination 
  • Eye Pressure Examination
The Eye Center offers eye medical treatment as follows: 
  • Comprehensive Vision Testing 
  • Full Eye Examination Services 
  • Major & Minor Eye Surgery such as Cataract Surgery/Artificial Intraoccular Lens 
  • Surgical Treatment of Glaucoma
Vejthani Eyes Center

Service Hours

Monday Through Sunday 08:00 am - 08:00 pm


Vejthani Hospital, Eye Center 2nd Floor.

Appointments & Inquiries

Phone:+66 (0) 2734-0000 ext. 3260,3264
Fax:+66 (0) 2734-0044-5