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Treat Hip Fracture from a fall within 24 hours

Reduces the chance of becoming bedridden

By doctors specializing in Total Joint Reconstruction
For a better quality of life

Hip fracture requires urgent treatment

Immediate surgery within 24 hours is a necessity when a hip is fractured. This is to prevent any risk of complications that may arise consequently, such as becoming a bedridden patient, developing bedsore from pressured ulcers, thrombosis in the bloodstream, cystitis, urinary tract infection and respiratory tract infections like pneumonia, which can be fatal if left untreated.

Start walking again within 12 hours

after the surgery then return to your everyday life.

Reduces the chance of becoming a bedridden patient

Decreases the chance of developing complications from urinary tract infection and respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia.

Saves medical costs for healthcare treatments in the long run


If suspect a hip fracture

Call an ambulance for specialized medical team to move the patient in the proper way. Do not transfer the patient without a guidance of a medical professional as it may cause further friction and injury to the bones and other complications may arise.

Notice the symptoms of hip fracture from a fall
Seek immediate medical attention if you have the following symptoms:

  • Severe pain that moving becomes unbearable
  • Pain in the hip causes difficulty moving
  • Unable to move or put weight on the leg
  • Pain in the hip when walking, running or turning while sleeping
  • Unexplained hip and west pain
  • Bruising and swelling around the hip or cold feet
  • One leg appear shorter than the other


For appointments or more information,

please contact
Total Joint Replacement Center, 2nd Floor
King of Bones Building, Vejthani Hospital
Contact 02-734 – 0001
English Hotline: (+66) 8-522 38888


Patient Stories


Treat a hip fracture from an accident with prompt surgery allows patients to start walking again in 6 hours


Left hip fractured from an accident, but able to walk again in 12 hours after the surgery!


Having confidence in the doctor and the hospital is essential in making the decision to undergo hip replacement surgery

Total Joint Replacement Center Vejthani Hospital


Clinical Care Program Certification (CCPC)

CCPC HIP 2019: Surgery Hip Replacement Program

Vejthani Hospital is Thailand’s first hospital to receive CCPC HIP 2019: Surgery Hip Replacement Program that operates with Minimally Invasive Surgical technique. This method requires a small incision, have less muscle damage and minor affect on the bone structure. The patients therefore have mild injury during the operation and able to recover faster and start walking within 1 night after the surgery.

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Consult a doctor

Please fill up your complete medical record and information in detail. This will help our doctors to give you precise and accurate advice.

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