Early detection saves lives
because cancer cannot be deleyed.

3D Digital Mammography improves detections of abnormality in the breast

A sign that may seem tiny could lead to some serious illness. Breast Cancer has a high chance of cure. The earlier it’s detected, the higher chance of successful treatment it has.

The Importance of Breast Cancer Screening

Breast cancer screening is carried out with the objective of finding any signs of cancer in the breast even if they are no symptoms. The primary goal is to detect cancer early. The initial stages of breast cancer can be treated easily compared to the advanced stages. Patients who go through routine screening have lower risks of dying from breast cancer.

Early detection of lump in the breast and early treatments lead to a good quality of life

I actually found a lump from self examinations. When I palpate the breast, there was some painful feelings in the lump. I was worried it could be an abnormal lump so I decided to go for further tests at Vejthani Hospital. The doctor did an ultrasound and biopsy to diagnose. However, the lump was already large so the doctor suggested to remove it

Breast Cancer can be cured, if detected early

Ms. Sopha Abdin, (Breast Cancer patient) She was diagnosed with breast cancer after undergoing a screening test with 3D Digital Mammography and she decided to receive the treatment immediately with Dr. Thanate Dajsakdipon, oncologist at Vejthani Hospital.

Detect, diagnose, all in one step #Breast Cancer Treatment prevents the chance of losing your breast

Miss Chayanan Chotithaweepattarakol is impressed with the treatment method provided at Vejthani Hospital. The treatment does not require surgical removal of the breast and the scar heals faster.

Breast Cancer Screening with 3D Mammogram - clear images and less painful

Ms. Suwarin Songsena affirms that undergoing breast cancer with 3D Mammogram at Vejthani Hospital is not as painful as she thought and consumes less time.

Early detection saves lives...because Cancer cannot be delayed

Early examination leads to early detections. Latest technology at Vejthani Hospital gives an accurate mammogram result.

Early detection of Breast Cancer can be treated.

Breast Cancer is the number one most detected cancer in women and when they are ageing.

Risk factors of Breast Cancer.

  • Menstrual period started at a young age.
  • Have never been pregnant.
  • Having the first old at an older age.
  • Had breast cancer before or have tumor in the breast.
  • A family history of breast cancer.
  • Exposure to radiation on breasts or around the chest.
  • Abnormality detected in mammogram reports.
  • Taking hormone therapy combine estrogen and progesterone.
  • Obesity

Breast Center, Vejthani Hospital

Provides comprehensive care and treatment for breast-related problems, starting from screening for prevention, treatment, and reconstruction. The highly experienced breast specialists along with the professional multidisciplinary team are determined to provide services and procedures using our accredited facilities and state-of-art technologies for proper breast care and treatment.


Medical Services

Breast Cancer Screening
  • Breast cancer screening with a digital mammogram and ultrasound.
  • Detect breast cancer with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Diagnostic test – Biopsy
  • Taking a sample of the breast tissue with the help of Stereotactic Biopsy, that uses a computer and imaging to localize a targeted position.
  • Collecting a sample of the breast tissue Fine needle aspiration biopsy procedure to send to a pathology laboratory.
Breast Mass Surgery
  • Counseling and treating people with breast abnormalities caused by breast surgery.
  • Provides treatments and breast cancer surgery with the state-of-the-art technology that does not require breast to be removed.

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