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“የአከርካሪ አጥንት ቀዶ ጥገና ቴክኖሎጂ” የበለጠ ደህንነቱ የተጠበቀ እና አስተማማኝ አሰራርን ያቀርባል


The bones are one of the main structures of the body, especially the back bone or spine which has the central construction function that signals the muscles and nerves. Any abnormalities or diseases on the spinal cord, either congenital dysfunction or acquired by injuries, needs to be fixed for a better quality of life.

Moreover, spinal diseases in some stages are treatable by behavioral adjustment, medication or rehabilitation. Surgical treatment only plays a role when treating severe spinal conditions. Spinal surgery in the past is a major worrisome factor to most of the patients and their relatives which scares them to undertake the procedure. Because of that, they allow their condition to get a lot worse.

The success of medical developers helped spinal surgery to be simpler than it seems.  Experienced surgeons combined with new surgical techniques such as minimally invasive surgery, navigator, robotic assisted surgery and many more became the important part in the new era of spinal surgery which increases accuracy, lessens pain and incision as well as minimizes blood loss. Thus, technology today gives a greater assistance in patient’s decision making process as it ensures patient safety.

Voice from Victories

Mr. Sanjet Choyaputtha, 63, retired government officer has harmed his spine by a lot of heavy lifting when he was young and unfortunately had an accident while carrying a bucket of water down the hillside.  He went to a hospital but decided not to receive surgical treatment.  After that, his condition gradually disappeared on its own.  On the other hand, later on he felt severe pain on his lower back when his granddaughter jumped unto him.  The examination result at Vejthani Hospital showed that he has several herniated discs and needs a surgery to cure his condition. The suggested solution for Mr. Sunjade’s condition was Robotic Spinal Surgery, it is an assisted technology to increase screw placement accuracy resulting in successful surgical outcome.

Pol.Lt.Col.Chalin Wichaidit, a patient who has experienced lower back pain which is going down to his leg and gets worse while walking.  Medication treatment could not improve his condition so he decided to receive medical examination at Vejthani Hospital and was found to have a degenerative disc and scoliosis. The surgeon then suggested an Endoscopic Surgery treatment plan to decompress the nerve roots and fix scoliosis.  The patient started physical therapy as early as the second day, then returned home and returned to his normal activities on the third day.

Khun Krongthip Chomyong, 55 years old woman has suffered chronic back pain which affected her daily life for years. She was once afraid that she might not be able to walk again if she will undergo surgery. She had left her condition untreated until she was found having pinched nerve on 7 spine joints which required surgery and screws placement. The surgeon explained all the available surgical techniques and suggested “Robotic Spinal Surgery”; a cooperative work between robotic technology and experienced surgeon which will be able to determine most of the screw’s direction accurately, degree of screw placement and its size; and lessens error and complication caused by screw misplacement. Khun Krongthip finally was willing to receive the treatment and she was satisfied with the successful surgery result.

Nong Mind, Chanokpassorn Chansamorn, sweet 18-year-old girl had a noticeable strange lump on the right side of her back, even if the condition did not affect her health; it definitely affected the girl’s confidence. Her worried parents took their daughter to several rehabilitation clinics to ease the pain and slightly boost her confidence. However, in order to straighten the structure of the spinal cord, surgery is the best choice. The surgeon has chosen a ‘Navigator’ as assistance for this case to determine the most accurate direction and degree while performing the surgery to ensure the patient’s safety. They were satisfied with the post-surgery result and the spinal cord structure was straightened as it should. Nong Mind has shared that she was pleased to be able to live her life confidently once again.

However, surgery is not the end of treatment, but it is just the beginning to restore what we have destroyed. Post-operation result is nothing to be afraid of because of the remarkably great assistance of present innovative technology that can ensure positive treatment result. It is time to start observing changes in our body, beware of abnormalities and get a medical consultation to eliminate a harmful threat beforehand so that we can tell that we have lived with ‘victory’ in ourselves.

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