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Concerns About Expressing Gratitude


First and foremost, I would like to express my great appreciation and gratitude for Vejthani hospital who is well- reputed and famed for its medical services all over the world. Five months ago, I was suffering from cervical cancer and admitted to Vejthani Hospital accompanied by my husband. However, after I had been medicated and serviced in the hospital wonderfully, I came back to my homeland and beloved country. Thus, here,I would like to state about the remarkable and fascinating medical treatment and services I received in your esteemed hospital as follows. I have been tripped about vejthani hospital about 15 years ago and when I was inflicted by this ailment this year, I did not decide to go to another hospital for medical treatment but I headed to this amazing and hospitable hospital: Vejthani hospital for medical treatment.

When I was admitted to Vejthani Hospital on April 28, 2021

  1. I was quarantined for covid 19 at the hospital with my husband for a while and our stay at the hospital was hospitable and the service was really astonishing.
  2. Then, I made general medical examination and the medical result shows that I had cervical cancer. But I was scared and terrified when I was told that I had breast cancer. I really got desperate. Hence, the well experienced and qualified doctors of the vejthani hospital soothed, comforted and treated me well. Therefore, they postponed making medical treatment for the cervical cancer and started concentrating on the new phenomena-the breast cancer. They examined and well treated me for about four months. Then after they had treated me medically very well and controlled the illness perfectly, they were able to heal me from the sickness all and all. I could recover from it completely also now I have got over the pain, got rid of my fear and frustration and got back to my country, thanks to God. They prescribed me decisive tablet  (Hormone Therapy) and other medication and follow up them diligently. The doctors saved me when they said that breast cancer can be treated and cured very well, my life now is flourishing.
  3. Previously when I came to Vejthani Hospital; they were able to cure the cervical cancer I was inflicted upon. I have to take target therapy medication for two years in order to get rid of the rising of the sickness once again. I came to Ethiopia having sufficient medicine that helps me use it for at least 3 months. I am following up the target therapy now and I have to go back to the Hospital for checkup after three months. It was already booked. Now, I am really happy and with very good health. So, I would like to express my greatest appreciation to you.
  4. On the other hand, my husband Mr. Girma HaileMaryam suffers from the collection of mass on his right side ball of the genital and he had an operation on the hospital for it. He had recovered from his sickness quite completely. Fourteen years ago, my husband went to Cape Town, South Africa to follow up medication for cell transplant and he had also recovered from the illness completely. And now, he is accompanying me at Vejthani Hospital and at the same time he made medical examination for CBC and there are no symptoms of any cancer. He has adequate cells and he is on good shape and so we both are very much excited.
  5. On the other hand, I would like to extend my deep appreciation and gratitude for all the professional workers, doctors, nurses and other staffs who are working in the hospital. They are all really wonderful. The doctors treated us just like friends or bosom friends and they are humble, polite and energetic. Besides, they treat their patients whole heartedly and the hospitality of the other staffs is really remarkable. They answer all our questions and help us whole heartedly.
  6. The nurses in the hospital are good natured, talented and with very good hospitality. They are well mannered and ethical. They do care for their patients I really respect and appreciate them.
  7. Finally, I want to thank the workers in the finance department, the security guards and all the other workers in the hospital. Last but not least, my great appreciation goes to the workers in the transport department, especially the drivers who are good natured, polite and punctual. They always come to us 30 minutes in advance and bring us to the hospital on time when our medication was completed. They took us to our hotel with comfort, humbleness and perfect driving. We really appreciate them from the bottom of our heart.
  8. Finally, I cannot thank enough the interpreter of the hospital Mr. Tilahun for his interminable advice and care for us. When we were with the Nurses and doctors for medication, he was punctual, come on time and did all the assistance work with them. Above all, he translates the results of the medical examination quite remarkably. We were really lucky to have such an interpreter there with us.
  9. Last but not least, my appreciation goes to Mr. Behailu Fekade who had facilitated the visa process and well treated us on the whole. In fact, the visa process was retarded then but he tried all his best to quicken the visa process. If he had not acted so fast, we would not have got this opportunity. We really express our deep appreciation. In this case, Mr. Behailu Fekade had played a great role. The hospital administration must thank him very much. To sum up, we want to tell you that we cannot stop promoting and telling about your wonderful hospital wherever we are, whenever we get the opportunity and whoever needs your special attention and medication at any place.

God bless you and thank you very much!!

Best regard

Mrs. Biritu Tadesse Yazew

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