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EP.1 Finding Hope: A Young Girl’s Journey towards the Treatment for Scoliosis.


Follow the story of Salhah, a young girl who was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 5. Despite being born completely healthy, she had to face the challenges of living with a spinal deformity that interupted her joyous moments in school.

Over the years, her family visited many doctors in search of a treatment but to no avail. Her hope and perseverance never wavered. She refused to give up and continued her search for a solution.

Her family finally found a dedicated medical team specialized in the treatment of scoliosis..and her journey towards recovery began.

Stay tuned to discover how the story of Salhah unfolds.

For more information, contact

Spine Center, Vejthani Hospital
Call 02-7340000 or Ext. 5500
English Hotline: (+66)8-522 38888

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