25th Anniversary Vejthani – Heart Screening for Better Prevention

25th Anniversary Vejthani – Heart Screening for Better Prevention

(Last Updated On: September 3, 2019)

Heart Screening for Better25th Anniversary Vejthani – Heart Screening for Better Prevention

Promotion Heart Check upGold Heart
Chest X-Ray PA Upright
Electrocardiogram (EKG)
Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI)
Complete Blood Count (CBC)
Glucose (FBS: Fasting Blood Sugar)
Blood Urea Nitrogen
HDL – Cholesterol
LDL – Cholesterol
ALT (Alanine Aminotransferase),(SGPT)
AST (Aspartate Aminotransferase),( SGOT )
Uric Acid
Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
Hemoglobin A1c  (HbA1c)
Urine Examination
Liver Function Tests (LFT)
Thyroid Hormone Tests (FT3, FT4)
Exercise Stress Test (EST) or Echocardiography (ECHO)
Regular Price20,180
Package Price6,500


Promotion PriceRegular PriceRegular Price
Coronary Angiography (CAG)57,20039,000*
EPS with RFA Electrophysiology with Radiofrequency Ablation, RFA (EPS)285,000250,000*


Bonus Gift Giveaway

  • Free 1 cooling tumbler for every CAG package purchased.
  • Free 1 Portable USB Charger and Universal Travel Adapter for every EPS package purchased.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The promotional price or offer is valid from September 1-30 2019.
  2. Doctor fees and hospital fees are not included in this Gold Heart Promotional price.
  3. Please refrain from consuming food at least 8-10 hours before your appointment. Drinking of plain water is permissible.
  4. All prices are subjected to change without prior notice.
  5. This package can be only used with the candidate for treatment, considered by physician of Vejthani Hospital.*
  6. The promotional prices are not excluded diagnostic procedures in the out patient before admission.*

For more information
Vejthani Cardiac Center, 5th floor
Tel.: +66-2734-0000 Ext. 5300, 5301

English Hotline: +66852238888

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