Dental Implants are a New Reality in Bangkok

dental implants

Dental Implants are a New Reality in Bangkok

(Last Updated On: September 10, 2019)

Several short years ago, undergoing the surgery of having dental implants done was a long, drawn-out and tedious task in Bangkok. You had to visit the dentist multiple times to accomplish the entire exercise.
But now, due to the availability of CAD/CAM technology, the process can be completed in one visit. Vejthani Hospital’s Dentalis Center simplifies the entire process to make dental implants in Bangkok a one-day affair. The science of implant prosthodontics has come a long way since the early days of dental implants.
A quality dental implant can last a lifetime and are becoming the preferred way to treat the loss of a permanent tooth over having bridgework created.

The Benefits of a Dental Implant

Having a dental implant performed is like simply replacing your own tooth. The procedure provides a permanent solution to the misery and inconvenience of losing a tooth.
It’s superior to having bridgework as you don’t have to remove it to clean a dental implant, as you often do to keep your bridgework clean. With a dental implant, you simply brush it along with the rest of your teeth.
You also don’t need to avoid sticky or hard foods as you would with bridgework or suffer the embarrassment of having bridgework or prosthetics get dislodged when you eat.

CAD/CAM Technology in Dental Implants

CAD/CAM is the technology behind the revolution in dental implants in Bangkok. With CAD/CAM technology, an exact mould of the tooth is created using images created by the software. These images are so exact in relation to the original tooth, that perfect prostheses and implants can be created quickly, within as little as an hour.
Once the dental implant has been created, it’s a relatively simple surgical procedure to install the implant, which means that the patient can have the whole procedure done within one dentist visit.

The Dentalis Center – a Leader in Dental Implants in Bangkok

By virtue of this new CAD/CAM technology, the Dentalis Center at Vejthani Hospital has become a leader in providing quality dental implants to both residents and visitors of Bangkok that can be accomplished in one visit.
Find out more about dental implants by contacting the Dentalis Center at Vejthani Hospital in Bangkok.

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