An Ambulance Service in Bangkok Can Make a World of Difference

An Ambulance Service in Bangkok Can Make a World of Difference

(Last Updated On: September 10, 2019)

The metropolitan area of Bangkok is notorious for its heavy traffic and frequent traffic jams. It’s not the type of place you care to be stuck in if you’re having health problems or a health emergency and are being transferred to a hospital.
Vejthani Hospital offers an ambulance service that is head and shoulders above other transportation services in the level of patient care they offer and the medical equipment they carry onboard. The ambulances of Vejthani Hospital offer a fully-equipped ambulance service that is well-prepared to handle any medical emergency that may occur during the period of transfer.

Local or Airport Ambulance Transfer

Thailand has a growing reputation for providing an economical and quality alternative to medical treatment for foreigners. The medical tourism industry of the country is growing in tandem with our reputation for high-quality treatment at lower prices than are available in other countries.
This means that a reliable ambulance service has to be available to pick up a patient flying in from overseas for treatment. Vejthani ambulance services are well practised at dealing with the airlines as well as the Thai immigration department to ensure our patients experience a smooth arrival and transfer from either Suvarnabhumi or Don Muang Airport.
If you’re a resident of Bangkok who needs to be transferred from your home to Vejthani Hospital, our ambulance crews know every area of the city intimately, and they are skilled at getting you from your home to where you can be treated for your condition or illness promptly and with a minimum of delays.
If you schedule a transfer with Vejthani Hospital, we can ensure the proper equipment is onboard the ambulance to deal with any medical emergency you may encounter along the way by referring to your Vejthani Hospital doctor.

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