An Air Ambulance When You Need One

An Air Ambulance When You Need One

(Last Updated On: September 10, 2019)

Vejthani Hospital has an air ambulance service called Vejthani V-Flight. The V-Flight team can spring into action whenever you need the services of a medical team in the air. They provide a flying intensive care unit that sees to the needs of critically ill patients when they’re being transferred to medical facilities all around the world or being brought in from abroad to Thailand to receive treatment at Vejthani Hospital.
The service is in operation to care to the in-flight needs of patients who cannot go without a constant medical professional to monitor their vital signs and condition.

Team of Professionally Trained Aviation Escorts

The Vejthani V-Flight team consists of doctors who are graduates of an Aviation Medicine Course or are Authorised Aviation Medical Examiners.
They are able to provide medical care in the middle of crisis situations and offer multi-tasking medical management. This team also always has access to emergency visas, allowing them to enter every country in the world to provide evacuation services for their patients.
They are also able to provide certification and medical clearance that the patient is fit to fly under their escort. They can provide these services on a chartered or private flight as well as a commercial airline flight.

Two Options for the Flight

The patient has a couple of options in arranging for the flight. They can either charter a private aircraft, or fly on a commercial airline. In either case, the V-Flight team will ensure that the aircraft is suitable for the patient’s needs.
In a private charter flight, they can simply choose an air services company that is set up to provide air transfer services and then confirm that the particular aircraft is capable of accommodating the patient.
On a commercial flight, the V-Flight team employs a technique called a ‘stretcher flight’ to transport the patient. They book a block of seats that sometimes consists of several rows, enabling the family or companions to accompany the patient on the flight.
A specially constructed stretcher is then installed. This stretcher is FAA-approved. The patient, companions, and the V-Flight team then pre-board the flight before the rest of the passengers and ensure that the patient is comfortable.
The team will carry along with them any medical equipment and medicines they need to ensure the patient is kept in a stable condition throughout the flight.
In both modes of transport, the V-Flight team will arrange and coordinate all aspects of the flight with the private air services company or commercial airline, including the ground transportation at either end of the flight.
Patients have come to rely on Vejthani Hospital’s V-Flight service to provide them with peace of mind in critical situations. If you need an air ambulance service, contact Vejthani Hospital at your earliest convenience to learn about this service, or to schedule a medical flight.

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