A Cancer Diagnosis is the Start of a Journey

A Cancer Diagnosis is the Start of a Journey

(Last Updated On: September 10, 2019)

Vejthani Hospital has a thoroughly advanced oncology department that treats, not only the physical aspects of a patient’s cancer but the mental aspects and emotional as well.
Receiving a diagnosis of cancer will rock even the most positive-thinking and mentally-tough individual. For perhaps the first time in the patient’s life, they have to consider, no matter how remote the chance may be, that they may die in the near future.
They may go through all the emotional reactions that such a diagnosis can cause, and that noted psychiatrist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross has identified: denial, anger, bargaining depression, and finally, acceptance.
At the very least, life as they know it will inalterably change for the worse, at least for the time being. If they are fortunate and they have qualified medical help, the change may only be for a short time. But for the patient, the uncertainty of their situation can cause as many mental and emotional issues as physical ones.
Life after a cancer diagnosis is a journey. Like every journey, the more you’re prepared to undertake it, the better you’ll be able to deal with the pitfalls and setbacks you may encounter along the way.

Treating the Body and the Mind

At Vejthani Hospital, the doctors and staff have long recognised that a cancer diagnosis needs to be treated as the beginning of a work in progress. For the treatment to have a chance to progress to a successful conclusion, the patient has to be completely on-board with the validity of the diagnosis and the ensuing treatment.
Ensuring the patient is strong enough mentally and emotionally to endure the many uncertainties of the physical cancer treatment has been adopted as one facet of the holistic course of cancer treatment.
At Vejthani Hospital, they have an entire network of support services that are focused on mentally and emotionally preparing the patient to embark on the journey to wellness.

Holistic Treatment to Help the Family as Well

They also take the family members of the cancer patient into consideration. They can provide family counselling services that will teach the family of a cancer patient what to expect during the course of treatment of their loved one and the best ways that they can provide support.
They also can answer the many questions a family may have regarding the specific case that their loved is undergoing.
They can provide services to the patients themselves that will educate them and strengthen their resolve to help them deal with all the uncertainties and ‘what-if’s?’ of cancer treatment.
Looking at a cancer treatment as a holistic body and mind service that includes the family as well as the patient has been shown to make all the difference in some cases.
If you or someone in your family is about to embark on the journey of their lives, contact Vejthani Hospital to enquire about our holistic approach to cancer treatment. It may give them a new lease on life.

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