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The Age of Digital Dentistry “Endoscopic root canal treatment”


The Age of Digital Dentistry “Endoscopic root canal treatment”

When your tooth has decayed or broken causing pain around your gum, extracting a tooth may not be the best solution once you know the way.  Root Canal Treatment allows you to keep your tooth after the procedure.

Thanks to the technology and invention that introduce the Endoscopic Root Canal to enhance the treatment capability, and reduce the complications.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatment uses to repair a tooth that badly decayed or infected by removing the damaged nerve and pulp to clear all infectious tissue or clean it.  Preserving a natural tooth, the dentist seals the root canal as the same.

When should I treat my root canal?

  • Decayed, broken, chipped, cracked tooth damaged to inner tooth layer or pulp
  • You feel a serious toothache especially during the night
  • Serious accident cause trauma to the tooth
  • Your tooth’s color has changed
  • Swelling in the gums or face

Endoscopic root canal treatment

Nowadays, there’s technology facilitating root canal treatment (Dental Operating Microscope: DOM) which allows dentists to see more detail, improving accuracy, especially in a more challenging case due to the complication of canals within a tooth which cannot be seen by human eye.  So, the endoscopic procedure enhances more effectiveness of root canal treatment.

Benefits of Endoscopic Root Canal Treatment

  • Higher resolution better visualization
  • Assist your dentist to identify the infected root canal
  • Allows your dentist to see possible disease or other abnormalities not being seen by human eyes
  • Instead of extracting a tooth, a patient can preserve a natural tooth

After receiving the root canal treatment, patients can chew as similar to the natural tooth compared to the chewing by a denture.  They don’t require much adjustment because the technologies itself that help reduce complications and ensure the outcomes.

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