When Do You Need a Knee Replacement?

When Do You Need a Knee Replacement?

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2018)

The knee takes a large amount of load and weight over the course of a lifetime. It is not uncommon for knee soreness to turn into chronic pain and eventual disability. Just because your knee hurts doesn’t mean you need to replace your knee immediately! There are so many important factors that affect knee pain and treatments that can offset it.

Treatments to Consider Before Knee Replacement

The first and most important question you need answer is the length, intensity and duration of pain. If you feel pain in your knee and it isn’t too intense, you might just have a minor injury. However, if the pain is constant and occurs constantly over several months, you have a real chronic knee problem. If you cannot reach full mobility or stand/walk for a normal amount of time, you need to consider knee rehabilitation programs.

Medication can help reduce inflammation and pain. Using prescribed medicine from your physician over a short span of time should be enough to reduce or eliminate pain in your knee. The next step up, medically speaking, would be exercise and physical therapy.

Perhaps your knee is taking too much weight because your other muscles are too weak and unable to support your body weight. Another very common problem is improper posture and biomechanics. Physical therapy can really help bring balance to your body and take excess weight off your knee, which should help it function normally.

One of the last resorts at this point is the introduction of cortisone into the knee. A schedule of cortisone injections could banish any pain and inflammation for the long-term and keep the joint free of any issues.

However, if all these methods fail completely and the knee continues to degenerate and fail, it is extremely important to consult with your physician and then a qualified Orthopaedic surgeon.

Important Points When Considering Knee Replacement

When your physician confirms that you need the help of a specialist, visit us Vejthani Hospital to fix your knee problem. At Vejthani Hospital, our experienced orthopaedic surgeons will diagnose and provide the course of action for your knee replacement surgery in Bangkok.

If knee replacement surgery is necessary, our surgeons will confirm this for you. Prosthetic implants are made up of three parts and they need to be carefully considered before choosing the solution. Knee replacement surgery could also end up being partial rather than total but in both cases, in-depth research is necessary to find what works best for you.

There are over 150 designs available when it comes to knee replacement implants. The best combination address the mobility and pain problems of the patient, remains durable over a long period of time and is recommended by the specialist surgeon.

Knee Replacement Implant Terms

Posterior-Stabilized Designs replace the Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) and the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and they substitute the PCL in daily use. This is the most common implant design, however, they tend wear down faster than other implants.

Cruciate-Retaining Designs

The Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) does not get removed in this design but the ACL is removed. If the patient has a healthy PCL then it is advantageous to keep in place. This procedure also reduces the bone cut, which leaves room for Total Knee Arthoplasty, in the future, if needed.  Cruciate ligaments and collateral ligaments have roll in proprioception and motion of knee joint.

Bicruciate-Retaining Designs

Both ACL and PCL are retained in this design so that the implant can function as closely to normal knee functioning. It is relatively new, so we don’t have all the pros and cons just yet.

Unicompartmental Implants

If the knee is damaged on side only, unicompartmental implants, which are smaller than other implants, are good enough. This partial knee replacement gives result of past operation leave function very nearly natural knee.

For more information on Knee Replacement surgery, contact us at Vejthani Hospital. For any knee replacement surgery in Thailand, our orthopaedic department is ready to serve you.

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