Unusual Headache May Indicate a “Brain Tumor”

Unusual Headache May Indicate a “Brain Tumor”

(Last Updated On: November 3, 2018)

Brain Tumor

Unusual Headache May Indicate a “Brain Tumor”

“Headache, Nausea, Vomiting” these common illnesses are considered dangerous immediately when you have abnormality on talking, hearing and seeing. The associated symptoms can be a warning sign of neurological problem; “Brain Tumor” for instance, the fearful disease causes paralysis and deadly cancer.

Severity of Brain Tumor

  • Grade 1: These tumors are slowing growing and unlikely to spread. They can be cured with surgery.
  • Grade 2: These tumors are hidden in the brain, mild severe but more likely to come back after surgery treatment.
  • Grade3: Consider as cancerous cannot be completely cured
  • Grade 4: Cancerous cells in tumor are actively diving, these tumors can grow quickly. This stage of brain tumor considered dangerously life threatening.

Cause of Brain Tumor

          Benign brain tumor is an abnormality on genetic brain cell or mutation cell dividing itself in unusual growth. The buildup of extra cells forms a mass or tumor then cause damage to nearby brain and nerves.

          Cancerous brain tumor cells can be formed within the brain or begins elsewhere and spreads to the brain through bloodstream results in harmful tumor, actively growing and cause much more damage to the body compared to benign tumor.

Noticed Brain Tumor Warning Sign!

  • Your usual headache develop its severity.
  • Nausea Vomiting and Drowsy.
  • Obstructive communication, difficulty talking.
  • Hearing abnormality.
  • Blurred vision or doubled vision.
  • Memory dysfunction or confused.
  • Changes in personality, behavior and thoughts.
  • Have a balancing problem.
  • Lose moving sensation of hands and legs.
  • Having the first seizure.
  • Motor weakness, hemiplegia, paralysis.

Brain Tumor Risk Factors

  • Age: Brain tumor can can occur at any age but more frequently in adults.
  • Radiation: Exposure to the high level of radiation.
  • Heredity: Brain tumor can be passed through blood line.

How to Cure Brain Tumor

           Primarily, low-grade of brain tumor can be treating by Radiosurgery or tracking its development without any treatment needed, bigger mass of brain tumor damaging the body required “Surgery” which is the main treatment methodology chosen for most brain tumors. Currently, brain tumor surgery is usually done through the nasal cavity by using Microscope. As well as endocrine tumor that can be cured by an Endoscopic Surgery at the very first grades.

          To remove larger mass of tumor, a neurosurgeon may make an opening in the skull. If the tumor cannot be completely removed due to other surrounded vital brain tissues, a small piece of the tumor is removed to examine under cytology or pathology in order to consider radiation therapy if cancerous cell is found.

As the cause of brain tumor occurrence is unknown and we are unlikely to avoid uncontrollable risk factors such age and heredity. So, what we can do to protect ourselves from developing brain tumor is live carefully; stay away from cigarettes smokes, toxics, radiations, or other dangerous chemicals.

Dr. Wuttichai Saiyasombati

Specialty: Neuroscience Surgery

Neuroscience Surgery

Unusual Headache May Indicate a “Brain Tumor”

Brain Tumor
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