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Patient’s Letter: My Relationship with Vejthani Hospital


13 June 2018

Once, a friend of my wife from Burma was looking for a hospital with good services under reasonable price in Bangkok. Somehow, my wife (Bawk Tawng) found Vejthani hospital through Ni Ni at the international section and finally, the patient was fulfilled her desire with great satisfaction. Soon after, my wife brought another patient from Burma to Vejthani with confidence and trust across Ni Ni again. The concerned operation was accomplished satisfactorily. Soon after we both get acquaintances with more staffs including EMMA at the international section.

I personally have been suffering from spine problem for several years and decided to operate at Vejthani hospital. On January 13, 2018, Dr. Porn A-nek Tardthong operated my spine successfully. Later, Dr. Usanee Seepongphun operated both my eyes and recently, Dr. Paiboon Iemsupkul operated my Urological operation perfectly. Meeting with Dr. Terdpon Yingviladprasert concerning cardiology matter and having more appointments to see other doctors due to my old age on my different sickness.

Thus, I have good enough experiences during this period to prove that, no wonder, Vejthani Hospital received the highest honorable award as the best services hospital in Thailand from Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha. May I take this opportunity to congratulate with my heartiest congratulations on all members of Vejthani hospital for their utmost efforts in elevating the level of their services to the highest level in Thailand. Needless to say I personally also entirely satisfied with such memorable services and hospitalities that had extended by all concerned staff members during my hospitalizations and congratulations to Vejthani hospital and hope to see in the long run to come continuously.

The natural or original beauty looks lovelier than anything on earth. I write this note base on the nature services of Vejthani hospital. One may evaluate the roots and the structure of a tree to be mutually balanced with the strength of the tree. In the other word, one may concentrate deeply to prove the quality of its management which may equally important. Fortunately, I have ample time to exchange conversation with doctors as well as nurses to learn more about their unique ideas to promote the quality of their serving concept during my hospitalization.

One day, a group of nurses visited me and left an album with dozens of their pictures by and say drop a line regarding my feeling on them. When I looked at the pictures, the first name started with NUAY and concluded with NING. I have conversed with them all and learned they have similar spirits to support the guidance of management collectively and realized such unique cooperation created the best services title in Thailand above all hospitals. They seemed extremely agreeable with new ideas and I feel at home relatively intimated when exchange conversation with them.


Jen Lomethong

Patient’s Letter: My Relationship with Vejthani Hospital

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