Vejthani Hospital Vision

Vejthani Hospital Vision

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2018)

To be the recognized leader in patient , and family care , by delivering high quality service and collaborative work culture , that bring out the best in every members.
To provide exceptional and innovative care to patients families and community , through the finest integration of clinical care and education , while respecting the needs of the human spirit.
Vejthani Hospital Values

Customer Centric : Seeing service through the eyes of customer.

Quality Mind : Always making things perfect.

Integrity : Being honest and trustworthy.

Teamwork : Working together, Achieve together.

Public Awareness : Sense of responsibility to the public.

Core Competency

High Quality Awareness : ��õ��˹ѡ㹤س�Ҿ�дѺ�٧

Excellence Service : �������ԡ�÷��������

Achievement Oriented : ����鹼�����稢ͧ�ҹ

Responsibilities : ��õ��˹ѡ�˹�ҷ���Ѻ�Դ�ͺ

Teamwork : ��÷ӧҹ�繷��

Continuous Learning : ������¹������ҧ������ͧ

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