To whom it may concern;

Due to the current political situation arising in Thailand “Bangkok shutdown”, the protests have caused some disruption in central Bangkok which may interrupt your respected citizen during their stay in Thailand, accordingly the hospital has taken extra precautions for our clients who has medical necessity which still remains and continue their treatment in Thailand.

Vejthani Hospital would like to ensure you that we still operate and continue to provide services to our clients as we realize that treatment cannot wait or postpone in any situation. Even though our hospital is situated at great distance from the rally area, yet the hospital has prepared its service apartment located within our hospital’s premises for our client’s easy access to the hospital as well as their safety/ security during the political crisis.

Vejthani Hospital is located 15 minutes away from Suvarnabhumi airport. We also provide complimentary pick-up service for our client’s convenience (hospital van/ ambulance). In case of any urgent/ emergency situation the hospital shall immediately provide our ambulance transfer to make sure of our clients safety.

At the end we would like to ensure you that we are committed to do our best as Vejthani Hospital utmost priority is our clients’ safety.

Sincerely yours, Vejthani Hospital